Ewelme Financial Awards

Every year we give means-tested Bursary Awards to applicants aged between 11 and 18 and Grants to applicants aged between 11 and 24 and resident in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Ramridge in Hampshire and Conock in Wiltshire. These awards support educational opportunities for young people in both State and Independent education who demonstrate exceptional talent or need.

In the State sector, where pupils, books and equipment are funded by the Government, we provide funds to individuals for additional tuition, outside visits, sport, music and the arts. We also provide funding for books and equipment for skills training and apprenticeships. In addition, a proportion of the Endowment income is currently used to provide young people with access to opportunities in Independent education. Our support is made in the following forms:

Bursary Awards

These are awarded to young people with exceptional talent, specific educational need or those facing sudden and unforeseen financial crises or bereavement. These awards are normally made on first entry to secondary education at 11 or 13 but later applications are also considered. They may be continued to the completion of A levels, subject to reapplication and review on completion of GCSEs.

Some of our awards are aimed towards gifted young people unable to consider an Independent school education without substantial financial support. These awards are offered in order to widen access and to provide opportunities for educational excellence for all. Our funds allow us to provide a limited number of such awards every year in partnership with Independent schools that are already willing to consider making a substantial contribution to the fees.

Grant Awards

Grants can be provided to support vocational training, apprenticeships and the development of skills and can include funding for equipment, tools, travel and master-classes, both in secondary and tertiary education.

More information on bursaries and grants